product description

Engineered Western Red Cedar solid wood panels

moisture content

9% to 15% +/- 1%

wood certification



Glue WD-280HV (Specialty Polymers Inc.) conforms to D4 EN 13353-1 / EN 13353-2 and EN 204 / 205 CE-StandardSWP-3 / EN13986


Silva Panel is totally manufactured of natural products. It is made of Western Red Cedar from Canada. It is made of 'shorts' which would otherwise become wastage. There is very little to no wastage as it is manufactured in various sizes according to need.


Silva Panel has very long durability for a natural product. It is covered with, a special timber coating, and comes with ten years against flaking, peeling and blistering. No to very little weathering effects have been observed on the installed products over the last seven years.

Green facts

Silva Panel is VOC free. It has no adverse effects on health or environment. Silva Panel is manufactured locally (British Columbia & Oregon) and has minimal carbon print in manufacturing.


Silva Panel is now fireproof! Silva Panel can now be coated with a Flame Shield Fire Retardant coating material per ASTM E-84 upon special order.
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