what we make
Engineered, edge-glued single & three ply panels. 100% Coastal Western Red Cedar. No man-made product can duplicate the appearance and warmth of this beautiful, natural product.



Grade AGrade BGrade CGrade DGrade E
Clear, full length, no defectsClear, full length, minor defectsClear, finger joint, no defects or knottyClear, full length, no defects face, with finger-jointed, knotty backClear, full length, no defects face, with clear back, either full length or finger jointed

Panel Sizes

1200 X 1200 mm1200 X 3000 mm900 X 900 mm
1200 X 2400 mm600 X 600 mm900 X 1200 mm
2400 X 1200 mm600 X 1200 mm900 X 1800 mm
Vertical agrain, colour sorting and acoustic pre-drilled panels can be provided on a custom basis. Non-standard and custom sizes are available upon request. Widest width is 2500mm and longest length is 6000, in 3-Ply only.

technical specifications on glue

D4 EN 13353-1 & D4 EN 13353-2, EN 204 & EN 205


Panels can be prestained or factory coated with "Boehme" stains, available in any RAL or NCS colours.
The superior "Boehme" water-based stains come with a lignant protector and a minimum of two coats on the face and all four edges and minimum once on the back.


Let the elegance and durability of the “Silva Panel” be your next choice.
Silva Panel is engineered for interior and exterior applications. Silva Panel can be used as ceiling tiles and wall panels, in entry ways, board rooms, feature walls, saunas and pool rooms, furniture, exterior cladding, garage doors, high-end fence panels and fascia boards.

proposed fixing methods

To assist our existing and potential customers, Silva Panel is proposing various fixings systems that cover aspects of both residential and commercial applications.
As most projects are client specific, it is not possible to cover everything here. For residential applications the most common method is a stainless steel surface fixing that is fixed to a vertical timber counter batten structure at the rear of the panel allowing plenty of air circulation (20-25mm will in most cases be adequate.

quality control

The quality control begins with the purchase of the highest quality new materials.
Constant moisture control and precision workmanship during the manufacturing process guarantees a consistent high quality product.


Western Red Cedar is a native tree of the West Coast of Canada. Silva Timber Products Ltd., the manufacturer of the Silva Panel™, has its operations in the heart of this region.
Each cedar tree produces products of unique form and color. The variations of shades are part of the uniqueness of each natural solid cedar panel. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, the Silva Panel™ radiates the unmatched beauty and diversity of the species.No man-made product can duplicate the appearance and warmth of this beautiful natural product.