what we make
Engineered, edge-glued single & three ply panels. 100% Coastal Western Red Cedar. No man-made product can duplicate the appearance and warmth of this beautiful, natural product.


The Silva Panel™ is engineered for exterior cladding, fascia, garage doors, and other high moisture applications. Solid 3-ply panels are edge glued, cross laminated and face glued for extreme environments. For exterior applications panels are supplied with Vertical Grain Face lamellas.


The Western Red Cedar Silva PanelTM cladding panels are the attachment of an outer skin of rear-ventilated engineered facades to a new or existing building.

The Silva PanelTM system is a form of double wall construction that uses an outer layer to keep out the rain and an inner layer to provide thermal insulation, prevents excessive air leakage and carries wind loading. The outer layer breathes like a skin while the inner layer reduces energy losses.

The structural frame of the building is kept absolutely dry, as water never reaches it or the thermal insulation. Evaporation and drainage in the cavity removes water that penetrates between panel joints. Water droplets are not driven through the panel joints or openings because the rainscreen principle means that wind pressure acting on the outer face of the panel is equalized in the cavity. Therefore, there is no significant pressure differential to drive the rain through joints.

During extreme weather, a minimal amount of water may penetrate the outer cladding. This, however, will run as droplets down the back of the cladding sheets and is dissipated through evaporation and drainage.


By insulating the structural wall externally, the following benefits are achieved: Thermal bridging is eliminated because there are no interruptions caused by floor slabs.

Temperature fluctuations are minimized due to insulation on the outside. Interstitial condensation is prevented as vapour pressure and wall temperature restricts condensation to the ventilated cavity. Heat from the sun is dissipated in the cavity and ventilated through openings.

100% clear, solid wood, Western Red CedarClear full length lamellas, vertical grain, edge glued to widthClear, finger jointed, mixed grain, edge glued to widthClear, finger jointed, mixed grain, edge glued to width2400mm x 1200mm x 20mm, 3000mm x 1200mm x 20mm,