what we make
Engineered, edge-glued single & three ply panels. 100% Coastal Western Red Cedar. No man-made product can duplicate the appearance and warmth of this beautiful, natural product.


The solid, single-ply 15mm panels or the 3-ply 20mm panels can be used effectively for interior applications. Both panels use water-proof glues approved by the European Union and Japanese standards.

It should be noted that 3-ply panels can be made with a clear, defect-free face as well as back if specified ahead of time. This may apply in some furniture uses such as cabinet doors. Normally, the product is made with a lower grade back which is not seen.

A niche market for the single-ply panels has been in ceiling tiles, however the major use will be in wall paneling where it has a price advantage and greater stability over traditional lumber profiles such as tongue and groove.

The major advantage is ease of installation and zero wastage on the job site.

100% wood, vertical or mixed grain, edge glued, Western Red Cedar2400mm x 1200mm x 15 (or 17)mm, 3000 x 1200mm x 15 (or 17)mm, 1200mm x 1200mm x 15 (or 17)mm