Our Story

SILVA PANEL was formed by a group of professionals working in the wood industry who were looking to address another use for surplus short-length Western Red Cedar lumber. Every industry has its developing items that do not conform to normal customer needs, but have a value just the same because they have been through the same manufacturing process. In the wood industry, these items usually end up being used as low value products.

the challenge

To come up with a new, relatively high value finished product that would have customer appeal.

Through interactions with customers and wood buyers in various trade shows in Canada, the United States and Europe, it became apparent that it was possible to reinvent the wheel. Everyone could see the potential in Silva Panel being used as furniture, interior and exterior cladding and paneling. Silva Panel products have taken Western Red Cedar which was already known for its decorative and stable qualities into the new realm of possibilities where it was never used before.

Today, after leaving a successful decade of business behind, Silva Panel is marching forward with determination and enthusiasm under new ownership and management.