what we make
Engineered, edge-glued single & three ply panels. 100% Coastal Western Red Cedar. No man-made product can duplicate the appearance and warmth of this beautiful, natural product.


Silva Timber Products Ltd. manufactures solid wood panels in 3 ply and single ply construction. Silva Panel warranties may be effected by improper installation handling usage and or storage. Care is needed to protect panels until installation is completed,

Silva Timber Products Ltd. warranties cover delaminating of 3 ply panels during the warranty period and covers replacement cost of panel material only, provided that the following has been adhered to.

  • Panels are installed according to our recommendations and guidelines.
  • Panels are installed in accordance with good building practices and in a rain screen method. All fastening in exterior applications are done with stainless steel fixings.
  • All fastening in exterior applications are done with stainless steel fixings.
  • Flashings are used over the top leading edge of panels in exterior applications. A reputable coating is used with the appropriate warranty. Silva Panel recommends the Boehme coating Bomol as the preferred coating. All cut edges done during installation are coated with at least two coats of stain.

Silva Panel warranty covers the above for a period of 5 years from installation for exterior applications.

Where the Boehme coating is used it comes with a 5 year warranty against peeling and blister, maintenance coats need to be applied every 4 years. Where excessive exposure to the elements occur due to building design and lack of overhang protection maintenance coats may need to be applied sooner than the 4 year period.

Panels are solid wood and there can be variation in the grain and color depending on species. Silva Panel allows for such variances and cannot be responsible for color variations in the natural shade of the wood within each panel.